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Concreting Services

A major part of our structural groundwork business is the laying of concrete.

We can handle all projects including domestic garage floors, interior industrial concrete surfaces and larger projects for exterior, hard-wearing industrial load bearing situations.

We will advise on reinforcement requirements and mix strength as part of our contract as standard.

We can deliver projects requiring only a few cubic metres of concrete through to full raft foundations, retaining walls and floated services.

Concrete is relatively cheap and durable, it can be moulded to any shape and be made to be porous or watertight. The density of the concrete can make it either light or heavy and it will strengthen under water abuse. These are the characteristics that make concrete ideal for many uses.

Uses: Foundations – Walls – Floors – Substrate

Advantages – Large Variety of Surface Finishes – Can Be Moulded into Any Shape – Extremely – Durable – Produced from Naturally occurring Materials- Produces No Emissions – Needs No – Toxic Preservations – Naturally Fire Resistant

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