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Grease Trap Interceptors U.K.

Interceptors We can provide drainage interceptors to prevent certain substances (such as grease, oil or detergent) from entering the mains drains or from polluting the local environment.

Interceptors are essentially traps in a drainage system, which also provide an access point for rodding. The loop bend in the body is filled with water up to the outlet or discharge level (creating a water trap), which isolates the drain from the sewer to prevent gases and odours permeating back up into the system as well as providing an essential “rat trap”, preventing the progress of vermin.

Normal flow passes below the rodding point and therefore any blockages can be cleared by access through the rodding arm, which can be upstream, or downstream depending on the type of Interceptor selected.

Interceptors are also suitable for water jetting which can be inserted into the rodding arm as required.

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